Boy Fights

Rerun post from January. I'm too busy to think of anything original this week...

My boys argue and fight, as I suppose all brothers do when growing up. What generally starts out as an innocent, boyish wrestling match gradually escalates into hand-to-hand combat (and often near something fragile) with tiny fists flying and brutal name calling.

"You're a girl!" shouts one.
"Oh yeah? Well, you wear lipstick!" tops the other.
"You play with BARBIES!" he retaliates.
"What?! Then you wear pink pajamas!"
"Well, you...you...pee.sitting.down!" (Oh man, low blow for sure.)

And there you have it. Childish boy insults certain to fuel the flames of brotherly battle. We'd better start working harder on the "respect for women" concept.
What is the motherload of all insults in your house among your kids?


Natalie said...

one of ours is "mom, she's acting like a teenager!"

Kim Heinecke said...

THAT's funny!

Summer said...

My brother and I used to do this little dialogue as kids:
Quentin: What has brown eyes, brown hair and smells like poop?
Summer's response: What has blue eyes, blonde hair and smells like poop?
Quentin also enjoyed singing "Summer is a Dork" to the tune of "Another One Bites the Dust." After my parents told him he couldn't sing that anymore, he'd just sing "You Know the Words" to the same tune, which got the same response from me.
The day I stopped crying when he sang that song was a sad, sad day for my bro.

Robin Meadows said...

Andrew(27)still comes into the house and asks, "Where are the girls?" of our 15 and 13 yo sons. :)

Brothers.... :)

dusty takle said...

Robin, that his hilarious.

My kids tell each other, "I'm not your friend."

carikelley said...

My son(14) says "You're not my friend anymore, you're just my sister!" That status doesn't last too long.

angie said...

Oh my gosh. HILARIOUS. Those be some LOW blows! Don't worry, I never speak like that with the be, but I thought it sounded good.

Our low blows go something like this, "poop head". "no, you poop head". And over and over. I can't wait until they get a little creative. he he.

superstarr said...

Your boys are creative!! When I was a kid my brother loved Randy Travis, so me and my two sisters would sing over and over again-- I'm gonna' love you forever and ever forever and ever forever and ever forever and ever--- and we would do that-- well- forever, untill he would punch one of us- then we would sing it through our tears--- we were, and are some tough chicks!

jenn3 said...

Right now, since Shiloh's only two (with no siblings), the worst it gets is "that's not nice Mommy!" but she's very stern about it.

Runningmama said...

Charlie is too young to fight with Toby, but no words are necessary. Toby grabs those two little toddler legs and drags his brother across the floor while Charlie protests with an anry yelp. Its good times.

Sarah Brooks said...

Ouch!! Hehe! My kids are too young for insults... I'm sure they are coming though. We've just entered into the "He said No!" She pulled my hair" "He dared to breath near me!" phase. I feel I play ref. all day long. Tell me it gets better, it doesn't even have to be true just tell me it is anyway!


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