Coffee Shop Conversations

This morning I'm sitting at Panera Bread working on my notes for the retreat next weekend. I needed a little mental break so I decided to throw a bone to the last 5 readers who have stayed with my during my writing break. Thank y'all.
Although I don't intend to eavesdrop, who can really help it? C'mon. Be real.
To my left: 3 men talk about sports. I don't understand any of it but it is precious - and not in a condescending way - just precious. Roger Clemmons, Hank Aaron, and some other names that honestly, I don't know if they are athletes or politicians... Then they talk about swingsets for their grandkids and fixing cars. I love how different men and women are.
To my right: 4 women discuss, with great emotion, how someone lost a bag from a shopping afternoon. This particular story is taking MUCH longer than the sports/swingsets/car topics covered by the men. But really, I'm captivated by the shopping bag story - oh, the details. ha/ha
People in line for their bagels smile politely at each other and attempt to "fix" their appearance since it is clear no one took time to shower before they came to sip coffee.
Two other people are typing on laptops and now I'm wondering if they are blogging about me. (And in case they are, I am now smiling mischieviously to give them something good to write about. Oh, I just laughed out loud for them, in case they ARE watching me.)
Alright, back to my study. The clock waits for no one.
Jesus, I pray you show yourself to these people today. Where there may be darkness in their lives, bring your light. May your love be sweeter to them than this chocolate chip bagel with cream cheese!
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Cindy Beall said...

You're so crazy.

Robin Meadows said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your Panera trip :) It's rare, I know.

Natalie @ I AM (not) said...

I like Cindy's comment. But, I totally see you doing that at Panera AND laughing out loud at yourself.

Anonymous said...

how did you get out with no child?

Theresa said...

You make me laugh...I love that about you. All the way to California and you make me laugh. :)

I pray that your retreat this week touchs many. You will be as marvelous as always. I know your heart will shine with God's love!!

Runningmama said...

I love writing in the coffee shop. The other day I was listening to itunes in my headphones really loud. I got up to get more coffee and realized my headphones weren't even plugged in, I was just wearing them in my ears and obnoxiously loud worship music was blasting everyone around me. I was so friggin embarassed. Especially since a bunch of people had left.

What can ya do, ya know?

Summer said...

Still reading - You're up to at least 7! ;)-

Simply Chimica said...

Watching people is so great. I wish I was able to go to places and just watch people :( (no car) love your blog.


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