The Shortest Distance Between Two Points

What is the shortest distance between two points? A straight line, of course.

That's why I'm reading the Old Testament using the Chronological Study Bible, published by Thomas Nelson. I mentioned this to my Bible Study girls but you may be interested in it as well.

I love reading the Old Testament but I'll admit, sometimes I go from one book to another and find myself thinking, Didn't I just read something about this a few days ago? I can't always keep the timeline straight in my head.

The Chronological Study Bible allows you to explore God's word in historical order. For example, as I'm reading about Saul pursuing David I find (nestled in the chapter of 1 Samuel) a few of the psalms David wrote during this time. I've read both passages many times but I loved reading them together - it brought that psalm a little more to life.

It also has a lot of notes about cultures and people of biblical times as well as connections between bibilical history and world events.

It's not a Bible I would tuck under my arm and cart to church. Because of its chronological order it can be dificult to locate a particular book or chapter. But it is a great tool for reading the Bible "from start to finish in order."

If you're looking for another tool to help the Bible come alive, this is a good tool to provide a fresh perspective.



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