I Made This With My Own Two Hands

I've been looking on Craigslist and Ebay and every place else online for a while to find a mannequin. This weekend Robin emailed me a link to a mannequin tutorial. I just happened to have a little margin in my life right now so I whipped one out on Sunday.

...and by "whipped it out" I mean it only took me FOUR AND A HALF HOURS. And $40, and duct tape, an old pillow, an old blanket, quilt batting, 2 yards of muslin fabric, a glue gun, an umbrella base and a dowel rod.

I followed the tutorial listed
here -- somewhat. I gave Mannie Kin some "shape" in the front so she wouldn't look like a boy. And since it is too cold to spray paint the dowel rod I decided to leave it au'natural because I couldn't wait for the weather to warm up.

Want to see her fully clothed?
Check it out here. I had this new outfit waiting for her arrival.


Robin M said...

You are awesome!!


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