Spaghettio's - The Motherload of School Lunches

I had a Holly Hobby lunch box -- one of the square metal ones that if hit just right, the clasp would open and spill the uneaten remnants of your b-o-l-o-g-n-a sandwich all over the floor of the car rider pick up line.

I remember lunch time in the 4th and 5th grade, in particular. We would open our metal boxes and stand them up so the lid was our "plate" and the bottom portion stood upright on the side, hiding the glorious treasures inside. That was the only sure way to keep looters from stealing the coveted Little Debbie Swiss Cake Roll or the Ding Dong (which was wrapped in TIN FOIL in those days - as it should be). Usually lunch was no big deal. You eat your sandwich (sans crust), devour your chips, lick your fingers and slurp your milk.

But there were those days when your mom proved her love for you, when she really acted like a mom filled with the spirit, willing to lay down her life for her youngin's.

On those days you got Spaghettio's WITH HOTDOGS CUT UP IN THEM. Hallelujah. Kind of like spaghetti but without the annoying chunks of tomato and the long stringy noodles that get your face messy. Tiny well behaved circles of pasta glory at just the right temperature. The food of angels (if you're 10). I'm only slightly embarrassed to say I am salivating at the memory.

I can vividly remember the glory days when I would sit down (always next to my BFF Kim) and proudly display the prized thermos holding the golden pasta tossed in a cheap tomato sauce - with the hot dogs. And if my mom was really the bomb-dot-com that day, she would FRY the weenies before cutting them up!

My children had no idea this was the motherload of all school lunches when I was a kid. I only thought of it recently when I purchased a couple of cans from the store.

I fell in love with Kid Two a little more this morning when he came into the kitchen. The conversation went like this:

Kid Two - Mom, do we have a thermos?
Me - I think so, why?
Kid Two - Because I want to take something different in my lunch today.
Me - Okay, like what?
Kid Two - Maybe like some Spaghettio's.
Me - nearly tearing up
Kid Two - Mom, why are you hugging me and acting weird? Did you even hear what I said?

Yeah, I heard it.
Loud and clear.
What was your favorite lunch in elementary school?


Cindy Beall said...


Love it.

And I loved me some spaghettios in a thermos with my metal lunchbox, too.

Natalie Witcher said...

So good. Ah, the memories. Favorite school lunch? umm, yep, soup in a thermos :)

I drive my tractor in pearls... said...

OH MY WORD - that was my favorite lunch...AND I carried it in a Holly Hobby lunch box!!!

Or the days my mom would make me a butter and grape jelly sandwich and cut it in a fun shape.

I swear, sometimes I think we are related someway...brown curly hair... and all....


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